BITUMEN 85|100


It`s kind of bitumen which is provided during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom the bitumen production feedstock that derives from distillation tower residue in vacuum oil refineries at bitumen production units. In which its penetration point (kind of test to indicate the hardness of bitumen) becomes between 85/100.


The main common usage of this product is in road making at cold regions.


The MSDS for this product can be obtained on request.


BITUMEN 85/100
Characteristic Specification Test method
Specific gravity @25/25 ºC 1.01-1.05 D-70
Penetration @25 ºC 85/100 D-5
Softening point ºC 45/52 D-36
Ductility @25 ºC 100 min D-113
Loss on heating (wt)% 0.5 max D-6
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 max D-6 & D-5
Flash point C 232 min D-92
Solubility in CS2 (wt)% 99.5 min D-4
Organic matter insoluble in CS2 (wt)% 0.2 max D-4
Spot test Negative *A.A.S.H.O.T.102