Bitumen Packaging

The Artiman Petro Energy Company is capable of supplying you Bitumen in various ways according to your request. We have modern facilities to perform all the operations of drumming from the filling of empty drums to the storage of filled ones. Quality control progress is done for every drum to prevent contamination and leads to quality assurance of APE Oil products. We carry out drumming services on various scales like 150-kilogram,180-kilogram and 200-kilogram drums as well as standard filling. We handle non-hazardous petrochemical liquids (such as Bitumen, Base Oil, RPO, Paraffin Oil, etc) and perform sampling and filtering of chemicals where necessary. We will also label your packaging if required. Other provided Bitumen packaging methods include:
  • Polybags and Jumbo Bags (Bitubags)
  • Flexitanks
  • Bitutainers

Poly-Bag/Jumbo Bag (Bitubags)

Bitubags and Jumbo Bags can be a cost efficient solution to alternate for Bitumen drums. Bitubags can be in two types: 1000 kg and 300 kg. The 300 kg Bitubags contain a two layer cover, which the first tears up and the second burns and melts in the destination tanker:


Flexitank is specially designed for bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like liquid bitumen/asphalt; it is suitable for all kinds of liquid road bitumen, liquid chemicals with high filling temperature.


20-feet containers used for the transportation of bitumen are called bitutainer. These containers have two layers, and bitumen gets stored in the inner layer and hot oil in the outer one.